Different styles of Corbières wines

Red wines from the Corbières appellation are more diverse in style than most people think. Here is a representative selection.
- Full body, well rounded, complex and well balanced wines with black fruit aromas and a long finsih
Châteaux du Trillol, Prestige 2011: €15, tel: 0468450113
Domaine La Combe Grande, L’Espère 2011: €14, tel: 04687538828
Château La Bastide, L’Optimée 2011: €12, tel: 0468270847
- Nicely balanced medium body elegant wine with spicy notes and red fruit aromas
Château Fabre Cordon, Qui m’aime me suive 2013: €12.50, tel: 0468420031
- Unoaked fresh and fruity yet complex and well balanced wine with red fruit aromas
Les Maîtres Vignerons de Cascatel, Château Amandiers 2014: €5.50, tel: 0468459174

April 15, 2015