Trails around Paris

The Eco-Trail Paris Ile-de-France is the only cross-country event organized in Paris and its suburbs giving value to the natural and cultural surroundings of the region. It consists of a dozen of distinct races aimed at different groups of people held on the Saturday and on the Sunday. The Trail de Paris, a 80km long race from Saint-Quentin en Yvelines to Paris with a finish at the Eiffel Tower. A 45 km long trail, departing from the chateau de Versailles and finishing at Saint Cloud’s park. A 30 km and 18 km long trails starting from Meudon and finishing respectively near the Eiffel Tower and at Saint Cloud’s park as well as a 30 km long Nordic walking race following the same itinerary than the trail. On Sunday, hikers have the choice between four routes ranging from 15 km to 25 km in length taking place in Paris and in the surrounding departments. In addition there are also three 15 km to 26 km long Nordic walking routes. All finish at the Porte de Versailles. For the third time this year, a complete ascent race of the Eiffel Tower is scheduled on the Friday evening.
Registration fees : from €16 to €98 depending on the competition.
Information and registrations :
Mars 16, 2017 - Mars 19, 2017