Artist’s cognac
November 25, 2019
Limited edition of 5 000 bottles, the ABK6 Reserve Artist Collection cognac from Abecassis owes its name to the fact its label reproduces a work by artist Julien Drevelle whom several paintings adorn [...]
 Crowdfunding for vineyards
April 01, 2019
Do you want to invest in a vineyard ?... The Vigneron Savoyard cooperative winery offers you to buy one or more €500 share in the SCIC "Les Vignes des Alpes Le Vignoble Coopératif" within the frame o[...]
 FrogBeer’s peppery beer
June 28, 2018
A 6.5 % Saison type beer comprising Kampot pepper. That’s what offer you the FrogBeer brewery and the Frog pubs to quench your thirst this summer. But don’t worry, the pepper taste is subtil, concentr[...]