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May 2009
 A poet in Paris
May 14, 2009
Living in France for five years, Rufo Quintavalle has just published his first book of poetry. This young English writer draws a lot of his inspiration from the diverse neighbourhoods of Paris.
April 2009
 Wine as an ally of Cupid
Wine Tourism
April 02, 2009
For a year a new concept of meeting has been going on in Paris, the wine dating. Lonely hearts are gathered together for tasting and playing a game about wine in a friendly and playful atmosphere.
February 2009
 Saint-Ouen, beyond the Puces
Around Paris
February 20, 2009
For tourists a visit to Saint-Ouen is often limited to a stroll around the Puces, the world’s largest flea market. But this city next to Paris has much more to offer including a castle, a museum dedic[...]
December 2008
 Children’s kingdoms
Family Outings
December 19, 2008
At the end of the year fun fairs and monuments deck themselves out with lights and offer numerous attractions to seduce kids and parents. Illuminated gardens, winter sports, parade and shows,… The cho[...]
November 2008
 Authentic Beaujolais
Wine Tourism
November 21, 2008
November and early December are the months of Beaujolais Nouveau. Bottles are everywhere but many of them taste too much alike. However small winemakers produce very good ones you can find in some win[...]
June 2008
 A Euro for the Embassies
June 22, 2008
Embassy staff and citizens from countries qualified for the Euro 2008 met in Paris recently for a seven a side tournament. Played in a very good spirit in front of a large crowd the competition ended [...]
May 2008
 Memories of the First World War
Exploring France
May 21, 2008
The Marne was one of the main battlefields of the First World War. Numerous monuments and sites immortalize the memory of soldiers from France, America, Germany and elsewhere who fought there and were[...]
April 2008
 A really international ball
April 22, 2008
On April 4th the 1st International Expat Ball of Paris was held. Organized by a handful of volunteers, it gathered together people from many different countries who partied till the early hours. Rend[...]
 Always more scary sensations
Family Outings
April 21, 2008
Meetings with animals from the future or dragons, travels in the past or in the Fourth Dimension, adventures at the time of Julius Cesar,…. Amusement parks vie with each other on terms of imagination [...]
Mars 2008
 Romanian domination
Mars 14, 2008
Eighteen teams made of French and expatriates from all countries took part in the AMISCA indoor football tournament. Following very tight games, the final was played between two Romanian teams and cro[...]
February 2008
 Thalasso on the Emerald Coast
Well Being
February 20, 2008
Beach resort next to Saint Malo, Dinard has a thalassotherapy institute set up in an outstanding environment. Facing the sea, it offers several treatments, including one aiming to solve sleeping probl[...]