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The Villages de Gîtes offer individual cottages with common facilities such as swimming pool and sport ground. Situated in peaceful and natural settings, they are found all over France and particularly in the South.

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When it comes to choosing a place to stay during the holidays, it’s sometimes hard to please the whole family. Adults may wish a peaceful and authentic accommodation amidst a natural environment while kids prefer to stay in a location where they can have fun and make friends of their own age.
If you are facing this dilemma, there maybe a solution to your problem : the Villages de Gîtes.

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 Swimming pool and kids’ playground
The lodging facilities affiliated to this association indeed offer holiday cottages situated in a natural environment and having their own private patio as well as common facilities such as swimming pool, sport grounds, kids playground, game room,… The list varies from one village to another because all of them are independently owned and operated.
Consequently, it also exist differences regarding the architectural style of the cottages, their design (semi-detached or detached), their size, their furniture, their home appliances, the size of the patio, the village configuration….
So, depending on which one you choose, you can spend your vacation in a stylish spacious cottage with a cosy interior and have the feeling to be on your own or stay in a more simply furnished and smaller house and feel more like being in a holiday village. Of course, prices are not the same.
However, they all have in common criteria aiming to ensure guests enjoy an authentic, calm and warm atmosphere.

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 Package holidays
That’s why the villages must not be part of a hotel complex or of a campground and are forbidden to offer mobile homes for rent. In addition they comprise at least five, but no more than thirty cottages to form a village but make sure guests get a warm and personal welcome. A playground, a pool or a private access to a lake are also compulsory features as well as providing cultural and outdoor activities on site or nearby. But many villages go further and boast heated indoor swimming pool, spa, tennis courts, ... Some also have a restaurant, a bar where alcoholic beverages are served and others organize special evening or offer package holidays including activities.
Born in 2004, the Villages de Gites association now brings together 82 villages located in 27 departments throughout France, in the countryside, in mountainous regions, as well as along the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coastlines. However, their number is much higher in the South and many of them are found in Périgord as well as in Ardèche.

April 29, 2013
Thierry Joly