When Calvados seduces women and connoisseurs

The Groult distillery demonstrates Calvados can compete with barrel-matured spirits of any class and offers a range of products for all tastes.

So fruity that it gives the feeling to eat a juicy apple, yet complex, rounded and with a long finish, Millésime 2002 is a calvados that has everything to suit women tastes but also able to please all men who like this spirit. It is produced by the Groult distillery, a family business founded in the 19th century that is located in Pays d’Auge, the region said to give the finest of these apple brandies which are distinguished with the AOC “Calvados Pays d’Auge”.
The Groult distillery uses about thirty varieties of sweet, bitter, bittersweet and acid apples grown in its own orchards and still follows traditional methods of production. It lets the cider age for 10 to 12 months before double distilling it in old small repeat-pass stills that are very old and still warmed with wood fire. Thus, it gets an alcohol with fuller richer aromas and flavours that is then aged at least three years in oak barrels that are mostly more than 100 years old. This process enables Groult to produce very complex yet fruity Calvados.
Flagship of the distillery, the Vénérable is for instance a blend of old Calvados over 18 years combining fruity and wooded notes, full bodied but subtle, well rounded with flavors of oaky vanilla, baked apple, dark caramel and an excellent length. Even better and a must for connoisseurs, the Doyen d’Age is a blend of the oldest calvados stored in the cellars. This full-bodied, complex, very round and delicate mature Calvados has a long concentrated finish, flavors of cooked apples with overtones of old oak and vanilla bean as well as baked and toasty notes. A reference in the world of old spirit.

November 26, 2013
Thierry Joly 

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