Karting tracks near Paris

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Safe and accessible to everyone, kart racing is a real racing driver’s school. Near Paris, several indoor circuits offer you the opportunity to take the wheel with friends for tight and contested races. They also welcome kids on some days of the week.

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- Aerokart
199-203 route de Pontoise
95100 Argenteuil
Tel : 0130257190
- Fun Kart Paris La Défense
1 rue Noël Pons
92000 Nanterre
Tel : 0156470407
- Fun Kart Paris Sud
118-122 rue Leon Geffroy
94400 Vitrysur Seine
Tel : 0146823200
- Kart’in Paris
55 bld Félix Faure
93300 Auberviliers
Tel : 0148111414
- Kart’in Thiais
23 rue du Puits Dixme
94320 Thiais
Tel : 0149797979
- S-Kart
56-58 Avenue du Président Wilson
93210 Saint Denis La Plaine
Tel : 0149469393
Do you ever fancy driving at full speed in town without caring about speed limits and not worrying about getting a fine ?... So why not go kart racing. All around Paris there are indoor rings accessible by public transport where you can enjoy this sport in all seasons. A leisure activity for everyone as to get behind the wheel of a kart doesn’t require any training or previous experience. And it gives you great sensations right away.

© S-Kart
 Race against friends
Yet, maximum speed on an indoor ring is no more than 70 km/h. But since the pilot is so close to the ground, the feeling of speed is magnified tenfold in straight lines, curves or in sharp turns.
An evening or afternoon of kart racing can be done alone, battling against the clock to improve one’s timing. However it’s more enjoyable to go there with a friend and race against them. To be the fastest and win one must find the right trajectory that allows you to break as little as possible and therefore to get back quickly to the maximum speed. As a result most of the action happens in the turns. That’s where you must pay most attention and not hesitate to push slightly the vehicle in front of you to overtake it or, on the contrary, to close the door to the one following you. But, be careful not to enter the turn too fast or to break too strongly, or it’s a guaranteed tailspin !!! Even more fun, some circuits organize nights sessions where the tracks are lit by infrared while pilots and karts are equipped with reflecting stripes to make them visible. An experience not to be missed.
In spite of the appearances, kart racing is perfectly safe. Vehicles never overturn, track borders are well protected and employees survey the pilots, excluding those who are behaving dangerously.

© Aerokart
 From 7 years old
Besides, it’s possible to do kart racing from 7 years old. In general at specific times so as not to mix children and adults on the track. Moreover, the karts they drive have less power: 4 stroke 120/125 cc engines not going faster than 35-40 km/h while the adults ones are mainly 4 stroke 270 cc engines. But some circuits have 2 stroke 80/100 cc models. Their top speed is the same, 70 km/h, but they are lighter, more responsive, and by playing with your body weight it’s possible to get a smoother trajectory when going around corners.
Of course, all circuits are not the same. They are more or less long and more or less wide. An important distinction because the narrower a track is the more difficult it is to overtake. Same thing if there are many karts on the track, and for this reason their number is limited to 12 to 16. Moreover, some circuits regularly change the lay out, others don’t. Differences also exist concerning the additional services that are offered: sporting activities, games, food, kids’ area, races open to everyone.

Kart'in © T.Joly
 Packages for groups
And of course there are variations in the pricing as well, the weak point of karting as this sport remains quite expensive, above all indoor.
A 10 mn ride for adults costs from 17 to 25 € and 15 – 17 € for children up to fourteen years old. However, discounts are sometimes offered on some week days like two for one and three for two, and with a member card or by buying several rides price can go down to 14 – 15 € or even less. For groups of 7 to 15 people and kids birthday there are also 20 to 35 mn packages including timed trial sessions and a race. Double advantage, the track is all yours and prices are sometimes cheaper. But, be careful, if you want to do it it’s compulsory to book a few days in advance. Anyway, before going kart racing always check by phone or through their website that the track is free and not reserved by a group or a company. It’s a common occurence. Now let’s have a look at the characteristics of those circuits closest to public transport.

S-Kart © T.Joly
700 m long and 5 to 7 m wide track with a slight ascent and descent. Lay out changed once a year, in August.
4 stroke 270 cc karts. Maximum of 15 pilots on track.
Two-seater introduction karts for 3 to 7 year old kids.
Retractable roof when the weather is fine, very enjoyable.
Twelve races are organised every year, four are reserved for members, and eight are open to everybody.
Group package : 10 mn free trials + 10 mn timed trials + 15 mn race for 67 €.
On weekends, alternation of children and adult session.
Game area for kids.
Bar and restaurant always open. Nice area for spectators.
Rates : 1 session : 25 €, 2 sessions : 44 €, 3 sessions : 57 €. Member card with 5 sessions included : 85 €, following session 16 €.
Getting there : Metro till Porte de la Chapelle then ten minutes walk or bus 153 and 302 stop Proudhon.

© Aerokart
600 m long and 7 m wide track.
4 stroke 270 cc karts. Maximum of 15 pilots on track.
Group package : 30 mn (10 mn timed trials + 20 mn race), 40mn and 50 mn for 52, 73 and 95 €.
Priority given to kids on Saturday and Sunday from 14.00 till 15.30.
Other activity : Parachutist free fall simulator
Bar and restaurant open every day. Nice area for spectators.
Rates : 1 session : 20 €. 1 session for members : 15 €. Member card valid one year : 15 €. Offer 3 for 2 on Saturday from 20.00 till 21.45 and Sunday from 17.00. On the first weekend of each month 2 for 1 offer for women.
Getting there : Train from Saint Lazare to Cormeilles-en-Parisis, then 20 mn walk.

Kart'in © T.Joly
Kart’in Porte de la Vilette
400 m long and 3,80 m wide track with a tunnel and a small bridge. Lay out changed every four months.
4 stroke 270 cc karts. Maximum of 12-13 pilots on track.
Group package : 10 mn timed trials + 20 laps race for 50 €.
Bar, food on request only.
Other activity : Lazer game, paintball with laser pistol.
Rates : 1 session : 20 €. 5 sessions card : 70 €. Offer 2 for 1 on Tuesday evening. Offer 2 for 30 € and 3 for 40 € on the other days.
Getting there : Metro Porte de la Vilette then 15 mn walk.

Kart’in Thiais
600 m long and 5 – 7 m wide track. Laying out changed every four months.
4 stroke 270 cc karts. Maximum of 16 pilots on track.
Night kart (Blackout) from time to time, mainly on Friday evening.
Bar, food on request only.
Group package and rates as in Kart’in Porte de la Vilette
Getting there : RER C, station Pont de Rungis, then bus 292

© Fun Kart
Fun Kart Paris Sud
450 m long and 5 m wide track. Lay out changed every 3-4 years.
2 stroke 80/100 cc karts. Maximum of 12 pilots on track.
Priority given to kids on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 14.00 till 16.00.
Group packages. 10 mn timed trials + 15 mn race : 42 €. 10 mn timed trial + 12 mn first leg race + 12 mn final race : 58 €.
Bar, no restaurant.
Rates : 1 session : 17 €, students : 15 €. 10 sessions for 150 €.
Getting there : RER C, Les Ardoines station, track is just next door.

Fun Kart Paris La Défense
500 m long and 5-6 m de large.
Priority given to kids on Wednesday from 14.00 to 16.00.
Other characteristics similar to Fun Kart Paris Sud
Getting there : RER A, Station Nanterre Université, then 10 mn walk.

Mars 14, 2013
Thierry Joly