Fly smart, avoid Lufhtansa

© T. Joly
For a worry free travel donít book a Lufhtansa flight, especially those with a transfer at Frankfurt. Very poor service from the airline and the airport makes connections tricky and leads to many passengers missing their plane.

Service, did you say service? ... Do not look for that word in Lufthansa's vocabulary, it's not there. The same observation holds true for Frankfurt airport, one of the worst in the world, whose employees couldnít care less about the passengers.
However, to attract customers, the German airline does not hesitate to sell short connection flights via Frankfurt with only an hour to an hour and a half layover between the two flights. A real scam because it is barely enough even if the first flight is on time when the plane is parked on a remote stand and doesnít dock at a jet bridge of the terminal. Which is often the case.
Both bus transfers to the terminal and security check in Frankfurt indeed hold the world record for slowness.
So, if your flight is only a few minutes late, you can say goodbye to your connection. Do not hope any useful and correct information from flight attendants. Lazy, incompetent, or too coward to tell the truth, they only deluge you with soothing and reassuring words that you leave the plane without complaining. Do not expect either Lufthansa staff to be there to greet you and prioritize passengers with the shortest transfers. You must follow the normal flow of passengers, line up behind those having hours before their second flight. In addition, airport employees are doing everything they can to slow down your race against the clock. Indeed, donít even think to ask to be given priority to get through airport security check under the pretext that your flight is about to leave. You will be pitilessly and unceremoniously sent back in the queue by staff even less friendly than prison guards. As for Lufthansa's ground staff, they compete with Invisible Man. You will find them only at the boarding gates and comfortably seated at the few service and information points where they will let you know that you have missed your flight and that you will have to wait for the next one. Bad luck.
As a result, you thought you were only going to stay at Frankfurt airport for a short while and you end up spending there several hours waiting for the next flight to your destination. Fortunately you donít get bored because you have to rearrange your working day, your appointments or the beginning of your vacation. So, if you want a worry-free travel, never buy a Lufthansa flight, especially if it includes a connection in Frankfurt.

October 30, 2019