Renaissance in Bar-le-Duc

Largely ignored by tourists and so, still off the beaten tracks, Bar-le-Duc possesses however a gorgeous Renaissance district. Now served by TGV, this peaceful and charming town of Eastern France also hosts a great festival an[...]
Bar-le-Duc © T. Joly      

Cévennes © T. Joly
 Following in Stevenson’s footsteps
At the end of the 19th century Scottish writer R.L Stevenson went to discover the Cévennes. On the o[...]

Marly © T.Joly
 The charm of Marly and Louveciennes
Once a favourite residence of kings, noble persons and artists, Marly-le-Roi and Louveciennes have a[...]

Château Grand Branet © T.Joly
 The cradle of Bordeaux wines
South of Bordeaux, vineyards, villages, romanesque churches and medieval castles compose superb scen[...]

Domaine des Ormesl © Peter Allen/Kura Agency
 Unusual lodgings
In the trees, in a lighthouse, in a yurt or a tepee,…. For a few years there’ve been more and more a[...]