One of Monet’s favourite places

In 1889, the Creuse valley played host to foremost Impressionist painter Claude Monet who was charmed by its rugged landscapes. This area also inspired many 19th and 20th centuries landscapists who gave birth to an art movemen[...]
Creuse valley © ADRT23 / J.Damase      

Machines de l'Ile © Jean-Dominique Billaud - LVAN
 Extraordinary Machines de l’Ile
Monumental mechanical structures featuring animals or extraordinary creatures are being designed and[...]

Cathedral © T.Joly
 Chartres by night
For six months, every night the monuments of Chartres are bedecked with shimmering colours. A specta[...]

Hôtel Dieu © F.Vauban / CDT21
 Capital of the Burgundy wines
In the heart of the Burgundy vineyards, Beaune is not only a destination for wine lovers who want to[...]

Madeira © T.Joly
 Madeira, island of eternal spring
A mere three and a half hours by plane from Paris, Madeira is a volcanic island dotted with breathta[...]