Short break in Tarn

Awesome monuments, art museums, picturesque villages stepped in history,.. The Tarn department has lots to offer. Along with an enjoyable climate and contrasting landscapes, it also has gastronomic restaurants and produces exc[...]
Albi © T. Joly      

Château Tessendey © P.Roy
 Bordeaux In a bottle
Because of its 1855 classification and the limited number of permitted grape varieties, Bordeaux is [...]

Machines de l'Ile © Jean-Dominique Billaud - LVAN
 Extraordinary Machines de l’Ile
Monumental mechanical structures featuring animals or extraordinary creatures are being designed and[...]

La Hague © T.Joly
 Multisport vacations in La Hague
A land of green farmland, rugged coastline, spectacular cliffs and quiet beaches, La Hague is best d[...]

© T.Joly
 Leisure and gambling in Enghien
For a few hours, a day trip or a weekend, Enghien offers relaxation and a breath of fresh air just o[...]