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Tank Museum
February 24, 2017
West of Portsmouth, in Dorset, a museum houses hundreds of armored vehicles and tanks including rare models. One of the world largest collections of this kind and it’s even possible to drive some of them.
 Vibrant and historical Cologne
November 01, 2019
Said to be the German city with the most Mediterranean flair, Cologne is worldwide known for its superb gothic cathedral. But the Rhineland metropolis also boasts several great museums, a cutting edge[...]
 The eclectic charm of Porto
February 03, 2018
Portugal’s second city, Porto is a patchwork of monuments of different styles tucked away in picturesque districts stretching over steep hills. Strolling around is very enjoyable and several wineries [...]
 Baroque escapade in Dresden
December 15, 2017
Painstakingly restored since the end of World War II, Dresden has rediscovered its former splendour. Boasting 37 museums, 36 theatres and 9 musical ensembles this German city located between Leipzig[...]
 Vilnius, a city with a rich heritage
May 06, 2016
Famous for its baroque monuments and lovely churches, Vilnius boasts one of the largest surviving 
medieval neighbourhoods in Eastern Europe and is the 2009 European Capital of Culture.
 Viterbo, a papal city
September 08, 2015
Once a favourite residence of the Popes, Viterbo possesses numerous medieval monuments. Located in the heart of Etruria, this quiet town with an authentic atmosphere is a good base from which to explo[...]
 Zurich, a city of contrasts
April 23, 2015
Zurich will host three Euro 2008 games. The occasion to get to know this dynamic city that allies tradition and modernity, quietness and busy night life. It is today one of Europe’s greatest place for[...]
 Arabic perfume in Andalusia
February 20, 2014
In the south of Spain, Granada is a lively and engaging city rich in both Christian and Muslim monuments. The most famous, The Alhambra, is one of the finest examples of Arabic architecture in the wor[...]