Crémant d'Alsace turns forty

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The choice of Crémants d'Alsace is wider than ever. Now, these reasonably priced sparkling wines can be served as an aperitif and paired with many dishes.

Champagne aside, Crémant d'Alsace is considered by many specialists as the best French sparkling wine. Recognized as an AOC in 1976, its name means that the second fermentation, which gives the wine its bubbles, must happen inside the bottle. It is made from various grape varieties that can be blended as winemakers wish: pinot blanc, pinot gris, riesling, auxerrois, chardonnay and pinot noir. Over the years, production rules have been tightened and quality has improved. For example, grapes must be treated gently, hand harvested, transported in boxes that prevent crushing and only lightly pressed juice is used. Then wines must spend a minimum of nine months on their lees to ensure a certain level of complexity. Moreover, independent vintners and cooperatives have extended their range of products by launching rosés, single variety, aged in barrels, blanc de noirs, zero dosage and vintage cremants. Consequence, nowadays there are Cremants d 'Alsace for all tastes and pairing with a wide variety of dishes and food. Here is our selection.

Our favorites
- Wolfberger, Cave Vinicole Eguishem, Cuvée Célébration 1976 : 8,50 €; tel : 0389222020
- Bestheim, Grand Prestige 2010 : 14,25 €, tel : 0389490929
- Maison Buecher Jean-Claude & Fils, Cuvée Fleur de Lys, tel : 0389801401
- Jean Gesler, Cuvée 1926 : 10,30 €, tel : 0389279031

And also
- Maison Gresser Rémy, Cuvée Prestige : 11 €, tel : 0388089588
- Maison Catin Frères, Cuvée Emotion, tel : 0389493021
- Maison Dopf au Moulin, Blanc de Noirs Brut : 11,80 €, tel : 0389490969
- Maison Adam Jean-Baptiste, Cuvée Emotion : 13,40 €, tel : 0389782321
- Maison Braun François & Fils, Cuvée Millésimée 2010 : 12,65 €, tel : 03897695

December 10, 2016
Thierry Joly