Land Art in Auvergne

© Ludovic Combe
One of the major Land Art events in France, Horizons gives artists the opportunity to create works at the foot of the Auvergne volcanoes. The 14th edition runs from July 11th to November 1st.

[ Practical ]

Getting there
- By road: 460 km from Paris on autoroutes A20 and A71
- By train: Paris – Clermont-Ferrand leaves from Bercy. The journey takes 3 h 30 mn. Then train or bus link to Mont-Dore and La Bourboule, bus link to Besse and Super-Besse
- By plane: Flights to Clermont-Ferrand from Paris and 16 other cities in France
- Super-Besse
Hôtel Gergovia
- Besse
Hostellerie du Beffroi
La Petite Ferme
- La Bourboule
Le Parc des Fées
- Mont-Dore
Le Puy Ferrand
Gran Carlina
Grand Hôtel
Hôtel de Paris
Hôtel de Russie
- Saint Nectaire
Mercure Bains Romains
- Besse and Super Besse
Hostellerie du Beffroi
La Bergerie,
- La Bourboule
Auberge de Vergne Noire
- Mont Dore
Le Puy Ferrand
Hôtel de Russie
Auberge de la Golmotte
Buron de Dame Tartine
La Vieille Etable
- Saint Nectaire
Les Baladins
Good to know
It’s better to have a car
- Sancy Tourist Office
Tel : 0473653600
- Horizons
Since 2007, it has become a tradition every summer a dozen of contemporary art works appear here and there in the middle of the Sancy mountain scenery. Visual, sound or kinetic installations made in situ by French and foreign artists, they are found fifty kilometres south of Clermont-Ferrand, around the towns and villages of La Bourboule, the Mont-Dore, Saint-Nectaire, Super- Besse et Besse-et-Saint Anastaise.

© Ludovic Combe
 A dialogue between art and nature
Called "Horizons", this event aims to be a dialogue between art and nature. Selected after call for proposals and created for the occasion, the works must not only blend harmoniously into the landscape but also be inspired by geological formations and natural phenomena specific to the region, be in resonance with the site or neighbouring monuments, or convey a message on environmental issues.
They are installed in natural sites such as waterfalls, woods, peatlands, meadows, ponds, viewpoints, caves and rivers. Besides, many are made with natural materials, the others with recyclable ones.

© Ludovic Combe
 Diverse artworks
Over the years, art lovers thus discovered a kind of Noah's Ark stranded on the moor, green birds sitting on a pond or installations looking like chrysalises standing next to a waterfall. This year, among others, they can admire a partly open multi-coloured tunnel placed in a meadow that can be crossed and offers fine views of the landscape, a mobile with a host of metallic pieces creating a mirror effect in a forest, a wooden sculpture standing on a high plateau inspired by the shape of the Puy de Sancy volcano.
Another feature of Horizons, none of these works is directly accessible by car. To admire them, you must at least walk a few minutes. But they are never far away and the paths are easy. Some are even accessible to disabled people.

June 07, 2020
Thierry Joly