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Château de Sales, a Pomerol’s landmark
Mars 01, 2020
Largest wine estate in the Pomerol appellation, Château de Sales produces excellent wines and aims to become a quality reference. Listed as an historical monument, the property is one of the most beautiful of the Bordeaux region.
 Capital of the Burgundy wines
September 21, 2020
In the heart of the Burgundy vineyards, Beaune is not only a destination for wine lovers who want to discover the region vintages. It is also a beautiful city endowed with a rich historic heritage inc[...]
 Epicurean stroll in Rasteau
January 09, 2020
Once a year in the village of Rasteau in the Vaucluse a tasting of wines and fine food takes place combined with a stroll through the vineyards, the Escapade des Gourmets. This is such a pleasant and [...]
 Champagne for everyone in Épernay
October 12, 2019
As every year Epernay welcomes thousands of visitors on the occasion of the “Habits de Lumières” event held in December. The champagne houses are at the heart of the festivities that include musical e[...]
 Moldova National Wine Day
September 14, 2019
There is one country that each year celebrates its wines and winemakers with a National Wine Day. It’s neither France, nor Italy, nor Spain, but Moldova. This state nestled between Romania and Russia [...]
 Crémants for all tastes
September 06, 2019
Eight regions produce crémants, sparkling wines that are produced according to very strict rules ensuring their quality. Reasonably priced, they can be served as an aperitif and paired with many dishe[...]
 Southwestern wines to discover
September 06, 2019
Southwest of France is not only home to the Bordeaux wine region. It also boasts several other more or less known appellations producing excellent wines that are sometimes made from grape varieties no[...]
 Brusset, the winery with five appellations
July 21, 2019
In Cairanne, the Brusset winery offers a wide range of excellent, finely crafted wines giving the chance to discover several appellations of the Rhone Valley.
 Wine tasting under the stars
May 29, 2019
On July 20th, wine tasting and observation of the stars will make the Chenonceau castle’s summer night stroll even more attractive.
 Excellent wines for all tastes
January 06, 2019
Are you searching for wines to accompany festive meals, to pair with fine food or simply to enjoy with friends? Here is a selection of excellent wines we recently tasted. They are produced by renowned[...]
 Let’s discover wines from Savoy
July 21, 2018
Near Chambéry, vines are planted amidst stunning scenery. Growing several grapes varieties rarely encountered elsewhere allows winemakers to produce distinctive wines that are enjoying increasing succ[...]
 A wide choice of Brouilly wines
July 06, 2018
Beaujolais wines quality improved dramatically over the past decade especially those from the ten crus like Brouilly. A renewed emphasis on quality and producers working to define distinct climats are[...]
 Best rosés from Provence
April 24, 2018
AOC Côtes de Provence, AOC Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence and AOC Coteaux Varois en Provence appellations produce the most famous French rosé wines. Here is our 2017 vintage selection.
 In the land of Pineau d’Aunis
November 21, 2017
Less than 200 km away to the south west of Paris, near the town of Vendôme, the hillsides of the Loir valley boast vineyards giving excellent wines. Reds and rosés have a particular peppery taste comi[...]
 Great red wines from Provence
November 16, 2017
Provence is mainly known for its rosé wines. However, the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence appellation also produces excellent reds able to be aged for several years and to pair with red meat and games. Made[...]
 Côte des Bar, land of champagne
September 05, 2017
To the southeast of Paris, the Aube department is home to a part of the champagne appellation area. The Chassenay d'Arce cooperative produces a large selection of excellent cuvees there.
 Wine tourism along the Canal du Midi
August 17, 2017
Between Carcassonne and Béziers, the Canal du Midi passes through several wine appellations. By boat, by bicycle or by foot you can follow its course to discover some of the wineries.
 France's Catalan Wines
Mars 01, 2017
Roussillon, a Catalan region of France, is home to the appellations Côtes du Roussillon, Collioure, Maury and Côtes Catalanes. Encompassing a patchwork of micro-terroirs, they produce a wide range of [...]
 Nectars from Languedoc
December 15, 2016
An increasing number of top quality wines are produced in Languedoc. Here is a selection of some of them coming from well established wineriesn and up and coming ones.
 Wines in accordance with nature
December 13, 2016
Biodynamic wines are not only produced without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides but also following natural cycles of nature and the moon phases. Here is our selection of wines from producers [...]
 Crémant d'Alsace turns forty
December 10, 2016
The choice of Crémants d'Alsace is wider than ever. Now, these reasonably priced sparkling wines can be served as an aperitif and paired with many dishes.
 Pic Saint-Loup, a new well-deserved AOC
December 07, 2016
Last born of Languedoc’s AOC, the appellation Pic Saint-Loup is located near Montpellier. Wines are produced by three cooperative cellars and some sixty independent winemakers. Haut-Lirou estate is a [...]
 The best of Saint-Chinian
October 13, 2016
North-West of Béziers, the Saint-Chinian appellation produces a few of white wines and a wide range of reds. Each year experts elect the best ones called “Vins Virtuoses”
 Vineyards with sea views
September 21, 2016
In Languedoc, several vineyards stretch near by the sea in an enchanting setting. Discovery of the wines goes along seaside pleasures and nature walks.
 Vienne, a vineyard rescued from oblivion
August 29, 2016
A group of winemakers have brought the Northernmost Rhone valley vineyard back to life. Situated in Isere department, near Vienne and Seyssuel, it produces great full bodied and spicy wines.
 Champagne’s landmarks
August 26, 2016
Discover what makes the Champagne wine region unique. Vineyards rolling over hillsides, cellars dug into former chalk quarries and the gorgeous buildings of the Champagne houses.
 A glimpse of the Ardèche wines
June 14, 2016
The southern part of the Ardèche department is home to a few dozens wineries. they produce wines ranging from famous Côtes du Rhône to lesser know Côtes du Vivarais and Coteaux de l'Ardèche.
 Wines from female winemakers
December 01, 2015
Do women make different wines ?... Some critics and wine enthusiasts think so arguing their wines reflect their personality, their sensibility and are subsequently fruity, lighter, more subtle and hav[...]
 The hidden jewels of the IGP Languedoc
June 09, 2015
The Languedoc region boasts many little-known appellations where vineyards are planted with a wide range of grape varieties. Wines are very diverse in style and their quality increases year after year[...]
 Bugey AOC, little-known but worth discovering
Mars 27, 2015
One of the best-kept secrets of the French wine scene, Bugey wines are produced in the Ain department. Not easy to find outside the region, they will surprise you with their quality and their diversit[...]
 Bordeaux In a bottle
October 15, 2014
Because of its 1855 classification and the limited number of permitted grape varieties, Bordeaux is often seen perceived as one of the most conservative French wine regions. But things change. More an[...]
 Vacqueyras, a wine in three colours
July 01, 2014
A small appellation located in the southern Rhone Valley Vacqueyras was elevated to AOC status in 1990. A hiking trail, a guided stroll across the vineyards and various workshops allow you to discover[...]
 The heart of the Champagne vineyards
June 05, 2014
Famous Champagne houses, panoramic views of the vineyards, pretty wine-growing villages in the vicinity,… Epernay is the perfect destination for a first insight into the world of Champagne.
 Art and bubbles in the Loire Valley
May 21, 2014
Two sparkling wine producers offer a new genre of cellar tour. As usual, visitors discover the winemaking process and taste wines, but they also dive into a brightly coloured unreal world created by c[...]
 The resurgence of Moselle wines
May 14, 2014
France’s most Northern appellation, the Moselle AOC offers excellent red and white wines but they are hard to find outside this region. A good reason to go there and visit the wineries that also produ[...]
 Sweet Bordeaux parties
May 07, 2014
If you are a fan of after-work parties you should enjoy the Sweet Hours. Taking place in Bordeaux, in Paris and in a few other cities, they give the chance to taste sweet wines from Bordeaux and meet [...]
 Hermitage, a hill blessed by Bacchus
June 12, 2013
Very famous, the wines of the Hermitage appellation are produced on granite soils along the Rhone River. A footpath allows you to stroll through the vineyard and discover beautiful landscapes.
 Volcanic wines from Auvergne
June 05, 2013
In Puy-de-Dôme, a few dozens of winemakers and a cooperative have revived the production of quality wines. Volcanic soils and altitude give these wines particular characteristics.
 Arbois, France’s oldest AOC
June 18, 2012
Although limited to 2 000 ha, the Jura vineyard produces a large diversity of wines and some of them are unique. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and boasting medieval monuments, the town of Arbois is [...]
 A stroll around the Côtes de Bourg
August 19, 2011
Situated near Bordeaux, on the right bank of the Dordogne and the Gironde, the AOC Côtes de Bourg produces excellent red and white wines. In addition, this region boasts a rich heritage and pleasant l[...]
 Lot’s little-known vineyards
July 09, 2011
If you like to discover wines no one has heard about, or very few people only, then Lot is a destination made for you. All around this south western department of France, winemakers revive vineyards s[...]
 The Black Wine of Cahors
May 21, 2011
Original home of the Malbec grape, the AOC Cahors stretches along the Lot River amidst beautiful landscapes dotted with medieval castles. A new generation of winemakers is recapturing the quality repu[...]
 A wine pairing with Asian food
November 03, 2010
A region of rolling hills, castles and medieval villages, the Gers department is part of Gascony and famous for its traditional gastronomy and its unspoiled countryside. It also produces Colombelle, a[...]
 The cradle of Bordeaux wines
August 19, 2010
South of Bordeaux, vineyards, villages, romanesque churches and medieval castles compose superb scenery on the right bank of the Garonne. This area produces some excellent red and white wines at an af[...]
 In the heart of Médoc
October 21, 2009
Every wine lover has one day drunk a bottle of Médoc. This region close from Bordeaux has a long wine making tradition and offers a large choice of oenotouristic activities. If some of them are classi[...]
 Saxony’s wine are back
May 18, 2009
Near Dresden, Saxony’s vineyards have undergone a revolution of their own since the end of the Communist era. Several tourist itineraries allow one to discover excellent wines and beautiful countrysid[...]