Brusset, the winery with five appellations

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In Cairanne, the Brusset winery offers a wide range of excellent, finely crafted wines giving the chance to discover several appellations of the Rhone Valley.

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- Domaine Brusset
70 chemin de la Barque, 84290 Cairanne.
Open Monday to Friday from 10am to noon and from 2pm to 6pm. Every day in July and August.
Tel: 0490308216
Mail: domaine-brusset

- Caveau Les Hauts de Montmirail.
2 place Gabrielle Andéol, 84190 Gigondas.
Open every day from 10am to 6pm from mid February to All Saints.
Tel: 0490658156

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Gigondas, a charming medieval village with a Provencal atmosphere. Roman monuments of Orange and Vaisons-la-Romaine. Small ancient village of Cairanne perched on a rocky outcrop surrounded by a sea of vines. First foothills of the Alps with the spectacular rock formation called Dentelles de Montmirail ... ..
On the left bank of the Rhone, the North of the Vaucluse department has everything to seduce tourists. It is also a heaven for wine lovers as the region boasts several PDOs and a large number of winemakers.

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 Finely crafted wines
To discover the quality and diversity of the local wine production, head to the Brusset winery located at the foot of the old village of Cairanne. There, you will indeed find excellent finely crafted wines from five different appellations as this family estate has grown over the course of the years to 70 ha of vineyards stretching over the areas of Cairanne, Gigondas, Rasteau, Côtes du Rhône and Ventoux PDOs. If it’s easier for you, the winery also has a sale point in the village of Gigondas.
Reds account for 90% of its production but do not miss to taste its whites, especially the cuvée Cairanne Les Travers, our favourite. A blend of Grenache Blanc, Viognier, Roussanne and Clairette, having finesse and elegance with notes of white fruits and citrus, easily able to age 5 years, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with fish and seafood.

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 Rare white wines
If you are looking for a richer and even more complex white wine, go tot the cuvee Cairanne Esprit de Papet made from older vines and aged in barrels that also has hints of hazelnut and pairs perfectly with a meal. These are rare wines because most of the vineyards of the Cairanne appellation are planted with four red grape varieties. Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah and Cinsault that give full-bodied and complex wines with a long finish. The cuvee Les Travers is a typical example, perfectly balanced, with aromas of red fruits and a peppery finish. Made from vineyards more than 80 years old the cuvée Les Chabriles is even more complex, with velvety tannins, black fruit aromas and an identical finish. On the other hand, peppery notes are absent from the cuvée Hommage to André Brusset, the founder of the winery, which is produced exclusively from Grenache and Mourvèdre from over 80 years old vines. It’s a rich, ample, full-bodied wine with aromas of jammy black fruits.

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 Spectacular terraced vineyards
The winery is also well known for its Gigondas made from spectacular vineyards planted on terraces at the foot of the Dentelles de Montmirail. Once again three cuvées are available. Produced from grapes coming from the highest terraces "Les Secrets de Montmirail" and "Les Hauts de Montmirail" are powerful, full-bodied, complex, wines with a long finish, silky tannins, aromas of red fruits and spicy notes that can be kept for 10 years or more. Called "Tradition Le Grand Montmirail", the third cuvée has the same basic characteristics but is smoother and can be drunk younger.

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 Easy to drink wines
In the family of powerful and robust wines, Laurent Brusset also offers a cuvée from the Rasteau appellation, "La Bastide", which combines notes of black fruits and spices.
If you prefer soft, less powerful and fresher wines, the winery produces an elegant, fruity and slightly peppery Côte du Rhône that is not aged in barrels. In the same appellation, there is also a lively rosé and a white wine made from viognier grapes with notes of flowers and white fruits that is easy to drink and perfect as an aperitif.
Lastly, the Ventoux DPO is represented by "Les Boudalles", a red wine also aged in vats, easy to drink, very fruity, perfect to go along summer lunches.

July 21, 2019
Thierry Joly