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December 2015
 Ostentions, thousand-year-old processions
Exploring France
December 25, 2015
From March to October, twenty towns and villages of the Limousinregion organize processions to honour their founding Saints. Called Ostensions and unique in France, these religious events attract thou[...]
 Wines from female winemakers
Wine Tourism
December 01, 2015
Do women make different wines ?... Some critics and wine enthusiasts think so arguing their wines reflect their personality, their sensibility and are subsequently fruity, lighter, more subtle and hav[...]
October 2015
 A dive into history in Meaux
Around Paris
October 07, 2015
Thanks to the Great War Museum, Meaux is now a must-see for people interested in this conflict. Its historical centre also boasts major gothic and medieval religious buildings.
September 2015
 Haunted house in Paris
Around Paris
September 21, 2015
In the heart of the capital, the Manoir de Paris brings macabre legends and criminal stories from the past back to life. A place to go for Halloween or at any time that provides a scary experience for[...]
 Viterbo, a papal city
Week-ends in Europe
September 08, 2015
Once a favourite residence of the Popes, Viterbo possesses numerous medieval monuments. Located in the heart of Etruria, this quiet town with an authentic atmosphere is a good base from which to explo[...]
August 2015
 Rimbaud’s hometown
Exploring France
August 30, 2015
A two-faced city, Charleville-Mézières boasts one of Europe’s most beautiful Renaissance squares and perpetuates the memory of poet Arthur Rimbaud. It’s also an important puppetry centre hosting an in[...]
 Carpooling for art lovers
August 13, 2015
Monuments and cultural festivals are not always easily accessible by public transport. But, now, art lovers without a vehicle have another option. A website named “Covoiture Art” indeed connects drive[...]
June 2015
 Golf break in Chantilly
Sport & Nature
June 18, 2015
A haven of peace close to Paris, Chantilly boasts many golf courses. Different in styles and difficulties, they make the town a great destination for beginners and experienced players alike.
 The hidden jewels of the IGP Languedoc
Wine Tourism
June 09, 2015
The Languedoc region boasts many little-known appellations where vineyards are planted with a wide range of grape varieties. Wines are very diverse in style and their quality increases year after year[...]
April 2015
 Modern and contemporary art in Flanders
Exploring France
April 30, 2015
Whether in France or Belgium, the Flanders coast has pleasant surprises in store for contemporary art lovers. They have the choice betweens museums with rich collections and monumental works installed[...]
 Zurich, a city of contrasts
Week-ends in Europe
April 23, 2015
Zurich will host three Euro 2008 games. The occasion to get to know this dynamic city that allies tradition and modernity, quietness and busy night life. It is today one of Europe’s greatest place for[...]
Mars 2015
 Haute-Marne's metallurgical heritage
Family Outings
Mars 21, 2015
An important metallurgical centre since centuries, the Haute-Marne department now has a museum entirely devoted to this activity. Named Metallurgic Park it evokes both the past and the present.
 Bugey AOC, little-known but worth discovering
Wine Tourism
Mars 27, 2015
One of the best-kept secrets of the French wine scene, Bugey wines are produced in the Ain department. Not easy to find outside the region, they will surprise you with their quality and their diversit[...]
February 2015
 Bahamas, unspoiled Caribbean paradise
Travel Abroad
February 17, 2015
A mosaic of islands rising out of the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas are a safe, sunny and thoroughly rewarding destination. The country offers a wide choice of water activities and [...]
November 2014
 Luxury shopping in Limousin
November 28, 2014
Some of the most famous French luxury brands have their workshops in the Haute-Vienne department. Guided tours allow you to discover an ancestral know-how and the factory stores are packed with bargai[...]