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April 2008
 Always more scary sensations
Family Outings
April 21, 2008
Meetings with animals from the future or dragons, travels in the past or in the Fourth Dimension, adventures at the time of Julius Cesar,…. Amusement parks vie with each other on terms of imagination [...]
Mars 2008
 Romanian domination
Mars 14, 2008
Eighteen teams made of French and expatriates from all countries took part in the AMISCA indoor football tournament. Following very tight games, the final was played between two Romanian teams and cro[...]
February 2008
 Thalasso on the Emerald Coast
Well Being
February 20, 2008
Beach resort next to Saint Malo, Dinard has a thalassotherapy institute set up in an outstanding environment. Facing the sea, it offers several treatments, including one aiming to solve sleeping probl[...]